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Debut Single, “Blankets” Out Now

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As Early Internet, Dean Stafford writes quiet pop gems tinged with nostalgia and heartbreaking lyrics; taking cues from indie rock staples like Death Cab for Cutie as well as contemporaries like Hazel English. After spending the bulk of his life in Texas fronting the Austin band, Pompeii, Stafford picked up and moved to Los Angeles in 2017.

Crafting introspective melodies through the lens of various guitar pedals, the debut Early Internet single, “Blankets,” is loosely inspired by Craig Thompson’s beloved graphic novel of the same name.

I originally wrote the song in 2010 after coming back from a European tour to a fresh breakup, broken car, and no job. I was fortunate enough to be taken in by a good friend who let me stay in their studio apartment on an air mattress. It was there I discovered a collection of graphic novels on the shelf. One was “Blankets”. I immediately absorbed the material, found inspiration in the snowy landscapes, and wrote the song on my friend’s acoustic guitar. At the time, I was working on my old band’s record and it didn’t quite fit the album, but I always loved the song, so I’m happy to finally see it come to fruition nearly a decade later.

Coated in ambience, but driving enough to avoid being washy - the winter-themed track serves as the perfect soundtrack to a coming-of-age story about love and anyone who’s ever second-guessed themselves in a “now or never” moment. Look for more Early Internet releases scheduled throughout 2020.

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