Making My First Song [Studio Update]

Ever since South by Southwest ended, I've been demoing and recording my first song...

I've decided to start off with a song at a time approach, before I release an EP or full length. The shelf life of the Internet can be a cruel place, and money can be tight as an artist, so here we are.

I've had the pleasure of working with Louie Lino (Nada Surf, The New Pornographers, Matt Pond PA) at Resonate in Austin, TX. It's a serene spot that gives off a relaxing vibe and almost makes you forget you're on the clock. Not to mention, Matthew Cawes from Nada Surf is one of my songwriting heroes, so it's been fun to nerd out and pick Louie's brain about past experiences.


Louie Lino mixing the first Early Internet song at Resonate in Austin, TX


When you've been in the same band for over a decade, steering a solo ship can leave you feeling a bit isolated and missing outside perspectives. I decided to combat this by inviting a few friends over to help out. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Daniel Hawkins (Football, Etc.), Jason Segapeli, Brendan Bond (A. Sinclair), and Matt Hines (The Eastern Sea) for contributing their talents on this song. It wouldn't have come together like it did without them.

Jason and Daniel working out parts during pre-production

Demoing at home with the initial rough mixes

Matt Hines recording a synth arrangement at Resonate in Austin, TX

Brendan Bond adding harmonies to the chorus at Resonate in Austin, TX


So, there it is. Next week will hopefully be the first of many more Early Internet songs you will hear. 

In other news, I'm excited to announce I'll be performing in Los Angeles, CA next week while I'm attending the ASCAP EXPO. It's going to be a house show put together by Common Ground Collective. You can check the tour section for details about when and where it will be.






Dean Stafford

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