Album Update: The Slumber Party Sessions

Recording in Austin, Texas

Happy to report all the tracks for the first Early Internet record are finished! During May producer, Devon Corey, flew out to Austin and stayed with me for two weeks. When I picked him up from the airport, we were acquaintances, but by the time I dropped him off, we were nothing short of summer camp buds.

Crouching Dean, Hidden Devon


We spent every waking moment together hashing this thing out in two weeks. Side note - the dude does not sleep and has a serious relationship with Red Bull haha. Though we were on a tight deadline, we made great time. He opened my eyes and misconceptions about making a record in your own bedroom. The whole experience felt a lot like a slumber party - only with more drinking.

Board of progress


Over Memorial Day, I flew out to Los Angeles to wrap everything up and play a show. It was fitting the last night there happened to be Devon's birthday, so we celebrated properly.

We are currently in final mixing, then it will be off for mastering. I can't wait to share everything.



Dean Stafford

Dean Stafford is a paid media & digital marketing professional based in Los Angeles. Previous clients have included 20th Century Fox, Amazon, IMAX, Warner Bros, Focus Features, ABC, and more.

His background is in the music industry, where he fronted Austin indie rock band, Pompeii. After releasing 3 albums, touring the world, and receiving national recognition from outlets like MTV, The New York Times, The Guardian, and NPR, Stafford shifted into PR and social media management for events like Austin City Limits Music Festival and SXSW.

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In his free time, he enjoys dancing to 90's RnB records, writing and recording music under the name, Early Internet, and buying the perfect vintage t-shirt. You can find Dean on all your favorite social networks under the handle: @deanstafford.